Something Unexpected Happened at Massive Satanist Gathering

Satanists made headlines for tearing up a Bible and other antics at their recent “SatanCon 2023” event in Boston, Massachusetts, but popular worship leader and author Sean Feucht said something far more inspirational unfolded around the event: souls were saved. Feucht told Faithwire there was an “amazing community of ministries and a network of churches” and other leaders who coordinated evangelistic outreaches in the area. “I know this, because every year, for many years in a row, we would bring teams to the largest gathering of witches that happens in Salem … called ‘Haunted Happenings,’” he said. “And so we always bring worship teams in, and we bring evangelists in, and we see God do amazing things.” Feucht said these same groups came together to mobilize an effort around “SatanCon 2023,” with 250 evangelists hitting the streets in eight different sections around the gathering.

“They prayed for hundreds of people,” Feucht said. “They were ministering and worshiping and almost a hundred people gave their life to Jesus and confessed Him as Lord. It’s just so powerful and amazing.” It’s unclear if those who accepted Christ were participants in “SatanCon 2023” or were simply in the area, but the presence of the event and the Christian response purportedly played a part. “It’s just a huge testimony of God working in the midst of great darkness,” Feucht said. The worship leader said he was unsurprised by all that unfolded surrounding the event, pointing to the truth embedded in Ephesians 6: the reality that mankind is living amid a spiritual war. “We’re living in a spiritual war and people, these Satanists, they’re feeling more emboldened than ever to gather, to mobilize, to let everyone know who they are,” he said. “We’ve encountered them across America. They’ve come to our events and dumped blood on us and harassed our people.”

Feucht also shared Satanist-themed postcards he said were recently sent to his home. “They’ve sent me these just last week … right to my house, with threats, and all kind of stuff on it,” he said. “I just think it reveals the hour that we live in in America.” As for the positive development that souls might have been saved around “SatanCon 2023,” Feucht said he believes it shows the “Gospel is very active.” Beyond that, he said it’s a reminder for Christians about how to react amid turmoil and chaos. “In many ways in America, we’ve become very reactionary … we react to things, we react to darkness, we get angry, we go online, we troll,” he said. “We do all these things and, really … we’ve got to present a greater alternative. We got the best story in the whole world, we got the greatest news in the whole world, we got the more authority.” In the end, Feucht said “God wins” and encouraged Christians to have hope in the Gospel — and to spread that good news to others.

Source: Faithwire

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