Watchmen School RESOURCES

As the Watchmen School of Intercession moves from ‘Face-to-Face’ delivery, this highly acclaimed Program of Prayer, Intercession and Transformation will now be made available Online, worldwide.  A progressive release of the Resources via a new Online format will take place in early 2024.  These will be available through the APN website.

 Audio Recording of the Watchmen Schools in MP3 format are Available Now!

Audio recordings of all 3 Levels are now available on CD or USB via the Online Store.  You can purchase using Credit Card or PayPal.  Click the Online Store button below to see what is available.  Early next year they will be available as Digital Downloads. 

Video Recordings of the Watchmen Schools

Video recordings of each of the Schools will be available via the APN website in early 2024. 

Keep watching this space and reading our regular Newsletters for further announcements on this new Video delivery format. If you do not receive our Newsletters, please go to the Members Menu and select Subscribe to Newsletters and complete the Subscription form.