Number of Teens in America who Identify as LGBT Skyrockets

One in four high school students in the United States identify as homosexual, bisexual or are questioning their sexuality, according to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The latest edition of the CDC’s Youth Risk Behaviour Surveillance System found that 74.2% of high school students claimed to be exclusively attracted to the opposite sex in 2021. Of the remaining participants, 11.9% identified as bisexual, 3.2% as gay or lesbian and 9% as “other/questioning.” The survey examines the responses of 17,232 students collected in 2021. “The percentage of students with a sexual identity other than heterosexual has increased steadily, from 11% in 2015 to 26% in 2021,” the CDC added. “Increases in the percentage of LGBQ+ students in 2021 might be a result of changes in question wording to include students identifying as questioning, ‘I am not sure about my sexual identity (questioning),’ or other, ‘I describe my sexual identity in some other way.’”

Data compiled by Gallup, showed that the share of the American population identifying as LGBT had doubled over the past decade, driven by a large share of Generation Z categorizing themselves as something “other” than heterosexual. The survey examined Americans’ self-identification with the LGBT community based on responses from 10,736 adults in the U.S. Gen Zers, classified as adults born between 1997 and 2004, have a much larger share of their population identifying as LGBT compared to their older counterparts. Some 19.7% members of Gen Zers consider themselves part of the LGBT community. By contrast, just 11.3% of millennials identify as members of the LGBT community, followed by 3.3% of members of Generation X, 2.7% of baby boomers and 1.7% of the silent generation.  Generation X consists of Americans born between 1965 and 1980, baby boomers born between 1946 and 1964, and the silent generation those born before 1946.

Among the LGBT-identified members of Gen Z, 13.1% identify as bisexual, 3.4% describe themselves as gay, 2.2% consider themselves lesbians, 1.9% categorize themselves as trans-identified, while 1.5% select the “other LGBT” category when asked about their sexual orientation. Overall, the share of Americans who identify as LGBT reached a record high of 7.2% in 2022, a slight increase from the 7.1% measured in 2021, and the 5.6% measured in 2020. In 2012, the first year Gallup collected data on LGBT identification, just 3.5% of Americans embraced the label. Similarly, “Gen Z Post Election Research” polls conducted by the Walton Family Foundation and Murmuration in conjunction with SocialSphere and released in February found that Gen Zers were much more likely than older generations to identify as either gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or some other form of queer.

Source:  Christian Post

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