Watchmen Schools


With ten years of outstanding results across the length and breadth of Australia and venturing out into Asia, the South Pacific and Armenia, this highly acclaimed teaching on Prayer, Intercession and Transformation will now be made available online worldwide. The content and empowerment will remain, but the delivery will change to a digital format. Video presentations are now available and can be purchased via a link on this Website.

For 10 years, 2013-2023, between 16,500 and 17,000 people have completed the Foundation Level, with 4,100 doing the Intermediate Level and around 3,000 going on to complete the Advanced Level.

Throughout the Watchmen School face-to-face season, a number of Pastors have asked the question – Where has this teaching been for the past 20 years?   Others have commented –  I  want to ensure that every person in my congregation gets to hear this teaching, while others have said This is not just about prayer, it is about real life. 

During the face-to-face season we ran a number of hands-on practicums in Australia and Internationally.  40 Hour Prayer Outreach Weekends were run in towns and cities across Australia.  From the beginning of 2017 we ran a number of International Watchmen Bootcamps in Israel. These Bootcamps are continuing under the banner of  Isaiah 19 International Bootcamps.  

Video Recordings of All 3 Levels are Now Available to be purchased. 

Video recordings of all 3 Levels of the Watchmen School can be purchased via the link on the Watchmen School Resources page.  Click the Watchmen School Resources Button below or select from the dropdown menu above for more details and how to order your personal copy of these recordings.  

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Teaching Content of each Level of the Watchmen School

Foundation Level

  1. How Prayer Works
  2. Intercession – A lifestyle that Changes Your World
  3. Understanding the Spiritual DNA of Your Community
  4. Spiritual Authority – The Key to Spiritual Breakthrough
  5. Principles of Small Group Leadership and Participation
  6. How to Hear God’s Voice

Intermediate Level

  1. Role and Responsibilities of an Intercessor
  2. Spiritual Armour – Our Weapons of Warfare
  3. Prophetic Intercession
  4. Prayer and Evangelism
  5. Strongholds – What are They and How to deal with Them
  6. Spiritual Mapping
  7. Kingdom Worshipers 
  8. Praying During a Spiritual Drought

Advanced Level

  1. His Kingdom Above All Else 
  2. Prayer with Fasting
  3. Intercession Intelligence 
  4. Identificational Repentance and Reconciliation 
  5. World Watchers and Interpreters
  6. Prayer that Promotes and Sustains Revival 
  7. Praying in Your Community 
  8. Leadership Integrity