Isaiah 19 International Bootcamp

Join us in ISRAEL for one of our Bootcamps!

The March 7-18  2025 Bootcamp is NOW OPEN.

The aim of the Isaiah 19 Bootcamp is twofold 

  1. To help you learn how to pray with insight and cultural sensitivity in the Nations.
  2. To enable you to understand the past, connect to the present and learn how to pray through the Isaiah 19 Window for the Middle East, and Israel in particular. 

We have put together a Program of discipleship activities and teaching that will be challenging and inspiring, designed to shape you and your prayers to impact Nations. We work with local leaders in Israel who are labouring to see God’s kingdom come. Our hope and prayer is that our teams will be a blessing and encouragement to them and their work. 

After completing a number of Bootcamps since 2017, we could not have imagined just how life-changing and impacting they would be. Discipling ordinary people in how to pray for Nations and giving them a bigger vision for Israel and the Middle East has to be some of the most rewarding ministry we’ve ever been involved with.

Typical feedback from the many whose lives have been changed by being on one of our Bootcamps can be summed up in two words – LIFE CHANGING! 

Details of the Bootcamp can be viewed on this link Bootcamp Brochure.  To apply to be part of this 2025 Bootcamp follow this link to the online Application Form