National 24-Hour Prayer Watch 16/24 25th April 2024

This is an abridged holiday version of the National 24-Hour Prayer Watch. The full prayer watch bulletin will resume next Thursday 2nd May.

This week let us pray for:

*  Today is Anzac Day. Let us remember those who lost their lives in service of our country as well as the families who live with the loss of loved ones who will never return. Let us also think of the families of those who have lost their lives in peace time through tragic military accidents and suicide.

*   There is much discussion taking place around freedom of expression as against the responsibility of tech giants to honour and respect the laws of the countries in which they operate. Whilst some may have different thoughts on what, if anything, should be censored there is little disagreement that we live in a violent world that in part has been fueled by images carried by social media in its various forms. Pray that the current debate will be directed by the Holy Spirit and that the final outcome will be in line with God’s will and purpose and result in a more edifying world where love replaces hate and compassion replaces violence.

*    Once again universities around the world have become hot spots of radical antisemitism with the safety of Jewish students threatened by violent and racist protests directed at them. Many of the protestors seem to have little understanding of the issues on which they base their protests and seem to be more intent on following their peers down a path that has more to do with ideology than the people they claim to support. Let us pray for truth to emerge across our universities to guide those who genuinely have concerns for the many difficult issues we face in a broken world today.

Source:Australian Prayer Network 

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