It’s Time to Pray for America

This coming week is a time when America enters a time of spiritual focus with their National Day of Repentance and National Day of Prayer both taking place. The time of prayer this year will therefore be from 30 April to 2 May 2024. Prayer for the USA begins with America’s National Day of Repentance on April 30. It concludes with their National Day of Prayer on 2 May. It is therefore an opportune time to pray for them to hear from God and turn back to Him. America is the largest Christian nation founded by Christians in the world. It has sent out the largest number of missionaries to other countries. The USA has a large Christian population. And it still is, even in its weakened state, the biggest bulwark against evil in the world. The destiny of the USA will hugely shape the direction of the nations. For these reasons and more, it is strategic and vitally important to pray for the USA.

Canberra Declaration is organising Zoom prayer meetings at 8 PM (AEST) nightly from 30 April to 2 May to pray for America. Use this Zoom link to join. Then, beginning at 8 PM on 2 May (AEST), they will have 24 hours of continuous prayer on Zoom for the USA. Despite being on opposite sides of the globe, they will be praying for the USA at the same time as many in America will be praying for their National Day of Prayer. Please join in if you can.

Source: Canberra Declaration

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