National 24-Hour Prayer Watch 15/24 18th April 2024

This is an abridged holiday version of the National 24- Hour Prayer Watch. The full prayer watch bulletin will resume on Thursday 2nd May.

Please pray:

*  For all those impacted by the knife attack at the Bondi Junction Westfield Shopping Centre, the families who lost loved ones, those who are still in hospital suffering from their wounds, first responders and those traumatised by the experience. Pray that lessons will be learnt by authorities from the events of that day so that the potential for future such acts can be averted.

*   For those caught up in the knife attack at the Assyrian Church on Monday. The Bishop and Priest who were attacked and others traumatised by the event. Pray for peace to descend on all members of the congregation so that they do not seek reprisal but wait for justice to prevail. Pray too for the Police and Paramedics injured in the riot that occurred after the stabbing.

*   Pray for all involved in the catastrophic saga of the Lehrmann/Higgins case. Many lives have been damaged and or destroyed in the aftermath of the event and subsequent legal proceedings with even more court hearings to follow. It appears that very few will come out of the proceedings with their reputations intact. Pray for truth to continue to be exposed, for justice to prevail in all aspects of the case and for damaged lives to be rebuilt on the basis of truth and integrity.

Source: Australian Prayer Network

As this Prayer Watch bulletin is private the standard printing option is not available. If a printed copy is required, you will need to copy the body of the email and paste it into a blank document and print from that document.

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