Parliamentary E-Petition Wants to Oust Special Religious Education (SRE) from Public Schools

A current NSW e-Petition wants to rob public school parents of their right to choose Special Religious Education (SRE) for their children in the public-school curriculum.  Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) State Director for NSW/ACT, Joshua Rowe, said, “This is a direct challenge to the NSW Education Act (1990) which requires public schools to allocate time for SRE, presenting an opportunity for students to explore Christian foundations.  “Over 60% of Australians identify as religious and religion and faith continue to play a pivotal role in shaping our nation’s identity. SRE provides a platform for students to connect with the deep-rooted Christian heritage of Australia, fostering an understanding of the cultural and ethical foundations of our democracy which is the envy of the globe.”

“The e-Petition statement asserts that SRE is stopping public education for private interest in religion and ethics. Far more parents are concerned that public education is increasingly becoming a platform for controversial ideologies, such as gender ideology and radical teachings on sexual behaviour. Retaining SRE presents an optional countermeasure, ensuring that traditional ethics and values are not neglected”. He concluded, “Removing the required space for SRE will limit opportunities for children and youth to be exposed to a biblical worldview, particularly if their families have no affiliation with church or faith.”  The ACL calls on the NSW Government to reject the proposal to oust SRE from public schools, emphasising the importance of maintaining space in the public schooling timetable.

Source: Australian Christian Lobby

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