Radical Sydney Cleric Calls for Muslim Army to Fight against West

A cleric’s sermon at a southwest Sydney Islamic centre – the subject of two recently dropped investigations – has called for the establishment of a Muslim army to defend Islam and fight against the West. “This (the Israel-Palestine conflict) has to be a spark for the Muslim community and the final solution, to unite, under one leader, who implements the sharia and sends Muslim armies to defend the lands of Islam,” a cleric known as “Brother Muhammad” told a crowd at the Al Madina Dawah Centre, Bankstown. Previously it has been reported that both the state and federal police had launched but then dropped investigations into previous sermons at the centre, from Abu Ousayd – also known as Wissam Haddad – and a cleric known as “Brother Ismail”. In a Friday sermon, Brother Muhammad accused Israel of using an AI supercomputer to target Palestinian mothers and children, and said the Islamic world needed to become one nation under one leader with a Muslim army, calling it the “final solution”.

“The final solution is we must be united as one state under a Muslim government,” he said. “All these lands must be united under one leader who implements the Koran and sunnah way of life: it will use its resources, its oil, its army to defend its people. “This is the only solution … everyone has to work for this cause in any way that they can.” Brother Muhammad also took aim at the West – particularly the US, Britain and France – which, he said, “couldn’t wait until the butchering began”. “The Western powers, the so-called beacons of democracy and human rights, they speak about these dictators in the past, about how ‘evil’ they were – what you the West are doing is far worse than any president in history. And yet you hold yourselves up to be these beacons?” he said. Brother Muhammad said the West was “falling over themselves” to back Israel. “They were frothing at the mouth, they couldn’t wait until the butchering began,” he said.

Brother Muhammad also said it was another chapter in a 1000-year war waged by the West to destroy the “ummah” – the Muslim community. He also accused Israel of using a supercomputer to target women and children. “They Israel put information in, the computer crunches the numbers, it gives them some targets, they press the buttons, and hundreds of civilians and children are killed in one go,” the cleric said. In early December, local and international media outlets reported how the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) was using – and which the IDF confirmed on its website – an AI-based system called Habsora (the Gospel, in English) to “produce targets at a fast pace”. The IDF said “through the rapid and automatic extraction of intelligence”, the system produced targeting recommendations for its researchers “with the goal of a complete match between the recommendation of the machine and the identification carried out by a person”.

However, the system, unlike Brother Muhammad’s claims, is not used to target children or women, nor does the IDF “crunch the numbers” to then target civilians. The cleric accused the Australian government of using legislation to silence and pressure the Islamic community. “These countries that we live in, they surround us, they pressure us, they want to scare you with laws and legislation … to silence you,” Brother Muhammad said. State and federal police have dropped their investigations into the series of hate-fueled anti-­Semitic sermons in NSW, saying the clerics’ calls for jihad and spitting on Israel so “Jews would drown” didn’t meet the criminality threshold.

Source: Compiled by APN from media reports

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