Prayer Pioneers Thanksgiving Dinner

This dinner was held in Sydney on February 17th to give thanks and to honour Pioneers of Prayer in Australia.  On the night, awards were given to Barbara Bell, Matthew & Kathy Bolte, Tim & Di Edwards, Ben & Liz Gray, Brian & Jenny Hagger, Kenn & Yvonne Kilah, Brian & Robyn Pickering and Peter & Maria Walker along with the entire current leadership team of the Australian Prayer Network. For those unable to attend the dinner the video recording, a written report, and photos taken on the night are now available at the following links. The dinner was attended by 140 guests from many different parts of Australia.

  1. Video Recording (ctrl+click the following link): Total Availability & Radical Obedience – Historic Prayer Pioneers Thanksgiving Dinner:
  2. Read the Comprehensive Article (3,000 words) (ctrl+click the link):  Total Availability and Radical Obedience’ – Historic Thanksgiving Dinner for Australia’s Prayer Pioneers’.
  3. 270 Professional Photos (ctrl+click the link) that captured the night and the people. Download and share with your friends and keep for your own records.

Source: Canberra Declaration

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