The Troubling Case of Maple Leaf House

During a recent address in NSW Parliament, the Hon. Greg Donnelly has raised concerns regarding the operations of Maple Leaf House (MLH), a government-funded ‘gender affirming’ clinic near Newcastle. Donnelly’s investigations have unearthed issues of shoddy record-keeping, alleged coercion of parents into embracing affirmative treatments, and a glaring lack of rigorous diagnostic screenings preceding the administration of puberty blockers and stage two cross-sex hormones. Disturbingly, his report unveiled instances where MLH doctors allegedly suggested to parents, in the presence of their child, that the child might contemplate suicide if not allowed to “transition to another sex.” These findings have led experienced clinicians to raise their own concerns, prompting some to leave the facility.

Mr. Donnelly is advocating for an independent review of MLH’s operations, particularly considering overseas jurisdictions beginning to ban such interventions for children and adolescents. The revelations come following other similar cases globally, including the Tavistock gender identity clinic in London, now facing closure. We support the Hon. Greg Donnelly’s call for a rigorous review of MLH. We also echo Moira Deeming’s plea for an inquiry into “gender affirming care” in Victoria and commend Alex Antic’s proposed bill aiming to prohibit gender affirmative interventions on minors. Let’s pray for more truth, light and evidence to come forth on the harms being perpetuated in our nation by such practices.

Source: Australian Christian Lobby



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