The Push for Gender Self-Identification

Australian Christian Lobby NSW State Director Joshua Rowe in a recent video highlighted the challenges surrounding ‘gender dysphoria’, and the global push for sex self-ID laws, already gaining ground in Australia. The proposed laws in NSW would enable individuals over 16 to modify birth certificates based on their self-assigned gender, bypassing biological reality for psychological perception. In essence, this means that one of our most foundational pieces of identification can be changed based on a person’s feelings, and without parental consent. This also raises questions about the ease of access to spaces designated for the sex opposite to the person’s biological sex. Offering support to those confused about their sex is vital, yet a fundamental question arises: Should we affirm confusion or help align perception with biological reality?

Addressing psychological disorders like anorexia nervosa involves treating both psychological perceptions and physical realities. However, the response to ‘gender dysphoria’ seems to differ. There’s a societal denial that ‘gender dysphoria’ is a psychological disorder. Under the guise of ‘love’ and ‘acceptance’, these proposed laws risk deceiving vulnerable individuals, putting others at risk, and keeping parents in the dark.  Affirming misconceptions isn’t genuine support. Loving, genuine care for people experiencing incongruence with their biological sex is critical, but embracing this misleading narrative isn’t the path to genuine love. True love and care are demonstrated by friends willing to share the truth, even when difficult.

Source: Australian Christian Lobby

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