Senator Alex Antic has introduced a promising bill calling for a blanket ban on all gender reassignment treatments and surgeries for people aged under 18, including the use of damaging, development-stunting puberty blockers. This is a response to growing community concern regarding the rapid surge in young people embarking on gender transitions. Many of these decisions appear to be driven more by social pressures and peer influence than by legitimate medical need.  The statistics underscore the urgency. In 2014, just 5 young Australians were prescribed puberty-blocking drugs. That number skyrocketed to 624 by 2019. There’s also been a tenfold increase in young people seeking services from public gender clinics, with 2067 cases reported in 2021, compared to just 211 in 2014. This trend is deeply troubling. Add to this the growing number of Australians undergoing gender-affirming treatments, only to later regret their decisions.

Most disturbing are diagnoses of gender dysphoria in children as young as three years old. It’s absurd to think that so-called “experts” are qualified to assert that a child’s gender should be contrary to their biological sex at such an early age. If passed, Senator Antic’s Bill will stop health practitioners from providing interventions aimed at changing a minor’s biological sex as determined by sex organs, chromosomes, and endogenous profiles. This is a big step towards safeguarding our youth from making life-altering decisions they may later regret.

Source: Australian Christian Lobby

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