Whistle-blowers Reveal Children Groomed in Queensland Schools

Shocking claims have been made that “Queensland school guidance officers are secretly grooming children behind parents’ backs to change names, pronouns and gender”. Binary receives reports like this every month from parents around the nation. The Courier Mail has published the accounts of two families who are enduring a nightmare in the light of radical gender activism in schools. One family said a guidance officer instructed a child to lie so they could pursue a pathway to transition. The child was told to make the false allegation that they were unsafe at home because her parents did not want to “affirm” her new identity. The child’s mother said, “It is telling anxious kids that their mother and father are not safe because they will not affirm their new identity, they’re being exploited by these school counsellors.”

The Queensland Education Department confirmed that while parental consent is required, school staff can deem a child a ‘mature minor’ if they feel it is warranted. The father of another girl told The Courier Mail that staff at his child’s school had set up a new name and identity for his daughter without his knowledge or consent. He said, “They were going to put it in place without telling me initially, just a flick of the switch. There was no communication and no support plan. I felt the school took over that parental role.” It is terrifying as a parent that the government can get away with such dangerous overreach. School staff are not medically trained professionals. They cannot assess or diagnose the myriad of underlying issues that often accompany gender confusion. They cannot diagnose or treat autism, depression, trauma, abuse or other mental health issues.

School staff should not take the place of parents. It is dangerous for the welfare of the child to isolate them from family support. Activists within the education system must be brought into line instead of being empowered by weak and dangerous policies that allow them to make false claims or designate a child a ‘mature minor’. These stories come hot on the heels of revelations that emails have been sent to schools instructing staff to use student’s preferred names and gender identity while keeping this fact from their parents. A teacher who wanted to remain anonymous told The Courier Mail: “Staff are now expected to talk to the parents and not mention it and they must use the name on the child’s birth certificate, but otherwise they should use the child’s preferred name and pronoun in the classroom.”

At parent-teacher interviews, are we expected to not bring it up with a student’s mother even if the child is sitting there next to their mother? If a child wants to change a subject in their senior year, there are significant protocols to make sure it is the right decision, and three or four signatures are required. But if they want to change their name or pronoun, it is a case of speaking to the guidance officer. Children cannot consent to tattoos, marriage, driving a vehicle, or even going on school excursions! It is outrageous that some schools are facilitating social transitioning, which usually leads to medical transitioning, without parental knowledge or support. This will lead to untold harm to children and their families.

Source: Binary

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