South Australian Liberal Women Speak Out

South Australia was the first state to allow women to vote. It is now leading the way in promoting the safety of women and kids in the face of the totalitarian gender fluid ideology. The SA Liberal Women’s Council adopted three key resolutions:

Motion 3

That Women’s Council calls on the SA Liberal Opposition to oppose changes to gendered pronouns in the standing orders of both Houses of SA Parliament.

Motion 4

That whilst Liberal Women’s Council is understanding and inclusive, it strongly opposes the teaching of adult related themes and content including gender ideology to minors under the age of 18 and calls for a review of all supporting policies and procedures.

Motion 7

That the Liberal Women’s Council condemns the Victorian Party’s position on Moira Deeming, MLC. That we request that the SA Liberal Party makes a stand and that we support the organisation “Let Women Speak” (MC Posie Parker) and other brave women.

All these three resolutions speak up for biological and creational truth. That we are male and female, and language must acknowledge that; that we are sexually binary and gender ideology which is being taught in our schools is false and harmful, and that women have to be able to advocate for safe spaces and activities, such as bathrooms and sport. It is extremely encouraging to see the priorities and concerns of South Australian women. Let’s pray that the Liberal Party will take action on these critically important issues and lead the Labor Party to follow suit.

Source: Australian Christian Lobby

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