Moira Deeming Shines in Her First Interview Since Being Suspended

Sky News host Peta Credlin has conducted a powerful and moving interview with suspended Victorian Liberal MP Moira Deeming. In her only media interview Moira described her harrowing experience of being demonised for standing up for women’s sex-based rights. It is almost beyond comprehension to see the way Moira has been defamed and vilified for simply attending a rally to Let Women Speak. Moira has been a visible and articulate champion for women’s rights for many years and it is utterly ridiculous, and false, to label her as a Nazi sympathizer. Moira explained to Peta Credlin that she is extremely concerned about the loss of rights women and girls experience because definitions of male and female have been removed or changed under law. “The core issue is whether or not the laws are just. I don’t believe they are fair or good or safe for women. Women, the vast majority of women, don’t agree with them when they find out what they actually are.”

This issue is not going to go away. It is not something that can be swept under the rug. It is only going to grow and I just don’t think women are going to accept it. I know they won’t. They will push and push until we get those rights back.” The fundamental issue that needs to be addressed is that trans rights and women’s rights are at odds. They are in conflict with each other. Moira expressed her grave concerns that removing the definition of ‘woman’ from law puts women and girls in a very vulnerable position. Women deserve the right to set boundaries. Moira said she has done nothing wrong. While Moira refused to be drawn into a public spat with the leader John Pessutto, she did say it felt degrading to have a group of men trying to dictate to her as a woman what women should be allowed to say and do.

Liberal leader John Pessutto, as Credlin pointed out, did not extend the same courtesy to Moira and made his views very public. He attempted to expel her from the party entirely and failed. Moira said she is not going anywhere and encouraged others to help her reclaim the party and its values. Kirralee Smith of Binary stands with Moira Deeming, as do many Australians. “She has done nothing wrong. In fact, she is a brave, articulate, impressive, compassionate, beautiful woman who deserves respect as she sacrifices so much for women’s rights.” Smith said.

Source: Binary

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