Move of God Spreads in America

The move of God that began as the Asbury Awakening is becoming increasingly decentralized as it spreads across the country. It’s popping up in all types of spots, from secular colleges to theatres to youth events, to special church services, with passionate responses to God’s outpouring of His Holy Spirit. Also, reports are surfacing of people choosing to give their lives to Christ after seeing the Jesus Revolution movie. Evangelist Nick Hall reports an outpouring of God’s power leading to repentance from sins like pornography, marijuana, lust, and more at Oral Roberts University last week. “I can barely put to words what God is doing right now across the nation. The hunger in this generation is unlike anything that I have seen in my life,” he said. “If we draw near to Him, if we make room, he will move. I think the biggest things that are in the way right now are, number 1, our sin, and number 2, our plans.

Plus, the Holy Spirit is moving on secular college campuses as well. The outpouring has been felt at the Western Kentucky University (WKU) at Bowling Green, where groups of students have been gathering together for prayer and worship. One meeting last week was attended by hundreds of people on the main lawn of the campus to worship and pray together and share their testimonies. Baptist Campus Ministry Pastor Tommy Johnson said the student gatherings were directly a result of the Asbury outpouring. “We have seen a ripple effect from Asbury on the WKU campus. Several students from WKU attended services at Asbury,” he explained. “After returning from Asbury, several of them gathered for prayer and worship at the chapel on WKU’s campus and invited other students to join that night.” Meanwhile, 326 miles to the northeast at Ohio State University in Columbus students there have also been worshipping together.

Source: Christian Post

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