Christ Changed Everything for Homeless Drug Addict

Robby Graham was once a homeless drug user who lost everything, but when he unexpectedly found Jesus in what can only be described as a “Saul to Paul” transformation, his life was forever changed. Graham, co-founder of Revelations Café, a Florida restaurant focused on healthy eating, and the subject of a new documentary titled “Revelations Café: Food for the Soul,” told Faithwire his addiction started due to a painful back injury and opiates he took for relief. Tragically, he soon found himself hooked on drugs. “Opiates were the biggest lie I have ever been associated with,” Graham said, adding it’s a miracle he’s still alive. “Only by the grace of God am I still breathing right now. I should have died more than once. So, it landed me homeless at the Salvation Army.” His wife, Mia, was also an alcoholic before they met. She had grown up in the church but lost her way and eventually sought help to stop her dependence.

Both of their lives dramatically changed when they found Jesus. Robby’s radical conversion in 2013 set him on an incredible new path away from homelessness and into God’s plan for his life. “The Holy Ghost grabbed a hold of me, drove me to my knees. I wept like I’ve never wept before,” Robby said of accepting Christ. “I even tell people to this day that I’ll never get over being saved. It was the most amazing feeling.” But that’s hardly the end of the story. After Robby came to faith, he and Mia met at an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting, fell in love, and got married. Now, they’re sharing the Gospel through a unique project that helps people grow spiritually while getting nourished physically. The husband-and-wife own Revelations Café, an eatery serving plant-based food that’s good for the body, and soul. The formerly homeless man now inspires people to live full and robust spiritual and physical lives.

Source: Faithwire

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