As part of the ACT Human Rights Minister’s consultation on VAD laws, the ACT Government is considering whether Voluntary Assisted Dying could be made available to teenagers. Rob Norman, ACT’s political director said, “Euthanasia for teenagers opens up a modern day pandora’s box. The slippery slope of deciding who, how, and when, a person’s suffering justifies lethal intervention, coupled with unprecedented mental health issues, and high youth suicide rates make for a dire situation indeed. Worryingly, suicide remains the leading cause of death of children in Australia. “For Minister Cheyne to link a course of action that ends in death as a ‘safe and effective medical process’ is both ironic and macabre.

Signalling that VAD may be available for teenagers is irresponsible as it sends a dangerous message to vulnerable teenagers. “If this proposal progresses, our entire culture will be dangerously and irrevocably changed for the worse.” The Australian Christian Lobby calls on the ACT Government to suspend its public consultation and focus on preventing youth suicide in the ACT.

Source: Australian Christian Lobby

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