Are you ready for respectable pedophilia? It’s coming unless a massive parent brigade shows up in schools and another critical venue: churches. The truth of Jesus fuelled by the conviction of the Holy Spirit can prevail over the tragedy of child corruption. We can do this. But first, we must face how we are all being groomed, as child sexuality is being packaged and sold to America, even as the latest fashion trend by companies like Balenciaga. We must take decisive steps to end this diabolical trend. Here are the top 10 ways that child sexualization is being normalized in America.

Child empowerment and consent.

Should children make their own decisions about health care, counselling, or even choice of a sexual partner? Over thirty years ago, a child’s right to “freedom of association” showed up in a proposed United Nations document, “The Convention on the Rights of the Child.” The document remains unratified by the United States and others. It’s still a cherished goal of global leftists. Early homosexual activist groups proposed lowering the age of consent, then dropped this shocking strategy. It’s returning as a subtext of safety and suicide prevention efforts, first showing up as healthcare consent.

Healthcare “best practices” now permit children to be treated at times without parents’ knowledge. Planned Parenthood flagrantly obtains consent for abortion and other services directly from even the youngest adolescents and school-based health clinics open the door to the same. The sex partners of these children are sometimes adults, but without parental oversight, who will know?

In school, the sexual left not only teaches children that they have a right to say “no” to unwanted touches, but also that it’s their right to say “yes.” The latest standard advocated by the American School Counsellor Association, the Biden administration, teachers’ unions and others, is counselling a child about sexual orientation or gender identity without notifying parents. Recent parental lawsuits and over 200,000 comments filed regarding the proposed Title IX changes may dampen this trend.

Preventing valid objections to “LGBT” advocacy in schools.

The influence of and intimidation by those promoting homosexuality and gender deviance within schools is mind-boggling. One of the biggest successes of this movement is labelling all objections as “hate” and “bigotry,” shutting off parental and school oversight of those who would corrupt minor children. More recently, the partnership with critical race theory proponents has painted objections to LGBT behaviours as the equivalent of racism.

Obscenity disguised as “diversity, equity and inclusion.”

One of the time-honoured ways predators seduce youth is by exposing them to pornographic dialogue and images. Recent parent outrage over obscene library books like Gender Queer, Lawn Boy, This Book is Gay and others, are often resisted by school boards. These titles are inappropriately defended as necessary for “LGBT” youth as a part of a school’s commitment to “diversity, equity and inclusion.”

Failure to address the epidemic of youth exposed to pornography.

Many adults are unwilling to take strong measures to ensure porn is inaccessible to children. The explosion in children forced to participate in porn production is heartbreaking, and it’s one of the biggest reasons for child sex trafficking. How can we arrest this cancer that’s metastasizing so quickly?


One silver lining to the COVID school shutdowns was the number of parents outraged at mask mandates and also at what their children were taught on ZOOM. Parents are finding spines they didn’t know they had, based on love for their children. We need more dads and granddads to take the lead in this battle.

Christian church involvement is spotty and timid.

Doesn’t Satan love it when churches remain silent while children are victimized? Many pastors have not taken the time to learn the details about what children face in schools. Pastors should also be willing to testify in person at city councils, school boards, and at state capitols.

Innocence is “racist.”

Another insidious trend is what James Lindsay covered in an excellent podcast called “Groomer Schools.” It’s the elite push toward cultural Marxism wherein, along with destroying the nuclear family, a concurrent goal is to discard childhood innocence. It’s either considered unnecessary or a remnant of white capitalist dominance and essentially “racist.”

Phony “support” groups for children can be a cover for predators.

The presence in many cities of youth groups advocating LGBT behaviours is a complete disgrace. For example, allowing interested youth as young as 11 to show up without parental knowledge. If you were a sex trafficker, wouldn’t you eagerly volunteer in such venues? Websites like The Trevor Project pose as helpful suicide hotlines for LGBT youth, but function to attract emotionally vulnerable youth as young as 13 to be counselled online without parental permission and given only one piece of advice: If you have same-sex attractions, go for it. If you are confused about gender, your parents don’t love you if they fail to “affirm” your imagined identity. Trevor Project also hosts “Trevor Space,” unmonitored chat rooms where adults can easily enter and link up with vulnerable kids. Might as well have a sign, “Sex traffickers welcome!” Many schools list Trevor as a respectable resource for suicide prevention.

New definition of “discrimination.”

The Left is setting up situations to further separate children from their parents through the deception of gender ideology. I’ve already mentioned the growing trend to counsel children minus parental consent. This is defended as “protection” under the assumption that some parents will harm their gender-confused child. No school has the right to label a parent’s legal purview over medical decisions as a threat. And yet that’s where this is going.

Minor children are given a voice equal to adults.

Individuals like climate activist Greta Thunberg and anti-second amendment activist David Hogg were propped up as poster children for various causes and taught to demand an equal voice in public policy. Sketchy “social emotional learning” programs put student voices front and centre. High schoolers testify at hearings, many opining about their own sexual orientation/gender identity. Their naivete creates more opportunities for coercion. Adults are neutered in correcting the misinformation presented. When responsible adults can but often don’t take decisive action, who benefits? The growing predator population. Light sentences are often given to actual paedophiles. Catching and convicting is just the first step. As in the disturbing record of early release of paedophiles from California prisons, there’s a growing trend in leftist judicial circles to go easy on known predators. Tragically, this sexual exposure is not creating less but more stress, depression, anxiety, reckless behaviour, and suicidality among youth. It’s not just abortion killing our children. It’s the agenda of the sexual left. Only you and I can stop it.

Source: Christian Post

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