Brian Houston, the founder of megachurch Hillsong, has taken to social media to share his frustration as his court hearing has been adjourned until mid-June 2023. “The delay is frustrating, but it is what it is, and Bobbie and I will be using the time committed to building for the future,” Houston wrote on Instagram. The 65-year-old stood trial in Sydney accused of concealing his father’s sexual abuse of a minor in the 1970’s. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges. Together with a picture of him and his wife Bobbie, Houston also thanked his followers for the support and prayers received, especially during recent weeks. He wrote on Instagram: “Well it’s been a big year for Bobbie and I and our family. The last few weeks have been rigorous to say the least, but we have felt the prayers of so many.”

“Obviously I can’t comment on my court case but there’s to be two more days of submissions in June 2023” Houston wrote. During the trial, Houston he said he was left “stunned” and “speechless” when he learnt about his father’s abuse in 1999 and maintained he didn’t call the police because the victim’s mum didn’t want authorities involved nor his son’s name “splashed all over the church”. The victim, who brought the allegations to light as an adult, denied ever asking Brian Houston not to go to the police. The hearing is expected to take place on 15th June 2023 for closing submissions.

Source: Premier Christian News

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