The England football star striker Bukayo Saka says reading the Bible every night gives him the confidence to go on the pitch knowing God has his back. Speaking at a press conference shortly after England beat Senegal 3-0 at the World Cup, the 21 year old said God’s presence in his life means he doesn’t need to be nervous or worry about any outcome. The Arsenal forward, who is one of the tournament’s top scorers so far, was asked whether he was still reading the Bible each night in Qatar: “Yeah I’ve been continuing to do that out here. I read my Bible every night. “For me, it’s really important to have the presence of God in me all the time and it gives me more confidence to know that God’s plan is perfect, so I can go on the pitch and know that God has my back.

“But the main thing for me is just keeping my faith. You know just having faith in God so I don’t need to be nervous or worry about any outcomes because obviously it’s my first World Cup. You know I can start worrying about different things and different outcomes, but instead I just choose to put my faith in God.” Asked whether he has a favourite Bible verse, Bukayo Saka said he liked “all of them.” Earlier this year, the striker spoke about how he was taught by his parents to have faith in God and learned about the importance of prayer. Unfortunately England have been eliminated by the World Cup holders France in the Quarter finals of the competition just completed this past weekend.

Source: Premier Christian News

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