The Church of England has found that younger people are far more likely pray than older generations because the rising interest in meditation and spirituality which is increasing numbers to connect with faith. A third of 18 to 34-year-olds have prayed in the last month, compared to just 25 per cent of people aged 55 years and over, a survey has found.  Archbishop of York, Most Rt Rev Stephen Cottrell said “As Christians prayer is the bedrock of our faith and deepens our relationship and understanding with God. “The results of the survey on prayer show us that many people still long for that connection with something and someone beyond themselves. “At this time of uncertainty in our world where we face many pressing issues such as climate emergency, wars, famine, the cost of living, reaching out in prayer to the God who loves us and longs to be known to us can bring peace and transform lives.

“As a church we need to be a community of men and women who follow Jesus and offer spaces where the many people growing up in the world today, who do not yet know Christ can learn and receive from him and follow in his way, growing ever closer to God through daily prayer and reading the scriptures. “If younger people want to pray, then let our churches be places where prayer is taught and experienced.” The figures come despite the rise of secularism in society and despite hundreds of church buildings shutting in the last decade. Analysis of Church of England data earlier this year found that 423 churches were closed between 2010 and 2019.

Source: Premier Christian News

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