As the Iranian regime continues to crack down on protestors, Germany’s foreign minister has called for the European Union to freeze assets and punish those responsible for the harsh response to those exercising their disdain and frustration over Amini’s death. “Those who beat up women and girls on the street, carry off people who want nothing other than to live freely, arrest them arbitrarily and sentence them to death stand on the wrong side of history,” German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock reportedly said. Hundreds have reportedly been arrested since the protests broke out nearly a month ago, according to The Associated Press. Meanwhile, Amini’s family, already reeling from her tragic death, is reportedly receiving death threats. Amini’s cousin, Erfan Mortezai, said the family has also been warned to stay out of protests.

“Our family have been under immense pressure from the Islamic Republic’s officials, so we don’t talk to human rights organizations or channels outside of Iran and inform anyone from the outside world about her passing,” Mortezai told the BBC. “They are under Islamic Republic torture. The regime’s officials have threatened us through Instagram with fake accounts and told the family members in Iran that if they get involved in the protests, they might be killed.” He continued, “Myself, I have been receiving many threats over the phone, saying that if they see me in the city, they will kidnap me and kill me.” Pray for peace in Iran, for those protesting, and for Amini’s family during this harrowing time.

Source: Faithwire

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