Commenting on Bernie Finn’s expulsion from the Victorian Liberal Party, the Australian Christian Lobby’s (ACL) National Director, Wendy Francis, said, “Abortions are only going to increase whilst pro-life speech is regarded as disrespectful, particularly when it applies to politicians who have the capacity to vote and change laws on life issues. Media reports indicate that Bernie Finn’s commitment to ‘pray for an end to abortion’ was the final straw for the Party who voted to expel him from their ranks. “Whilst, sadly, pro-life speech such as this will always sound disrespectful to those that don’t want to hear it, advocating for the child in the womb is perfectly respectful. It’s encouraging to witness  a new, young, pro-life generation rising up around the globe.

“The Liberal Party of Victoria has seriously underestimated the impact this move has had on their pro-life conservative base. It will be a tough journey for them to regain their confidence in the lead-up to the State election in November. “Freedom of thought, worship, speech and association are basic tenets of the Liberal Party of Australia. And yet, a democratically elected member has been expelled from the Liberal Party of Victoria for exercising these very rights.”

Source: Australian Christian Lobby

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