Faith in our Future

There was a huge turnout at a recent “Faith in Our Future” event at Tyndale Christian School in Adelaide. Over 700 South Australians met to support Christian schools which are under attack from the Albanese government. SA Liberal Senator David Fawcett shared his concerns about the Australian Law Reform Commission’s (ALRC’s) recent report into faith-based schools. The ALRC recommended removing the freedom of such schools to preference the employment of staff with a consistent ethos. Senator Fawcett also spoke about the lack of transparency, inadequate consultation and lack of due process surrounding the Albanese Government’s proposed legislation to respond to this report. Alistair Macpherson, the executive director for public policy and advocacy at Associated Christian Schools, described the proposed changes as an attack on parents.

“It’s an attack on the right of parents to choose a school that accords with the beliefs and ethics of that particular parent,” Macpherson said. “The reality is that our parents are largely choosing to come to our schools because of the education that our schools give to students and because of the values that our schools embrace and seek to teach.” Tegan Mitchell, whose 13-year-old son attends Tyndale, said: “I don’t necessarily agree with the kinds of things that go on in public schools and I’d like to let him grow up in our own faith.” The evening at Tyndale marked the conclusion of a series of sold-out events across Australia organised by My Christian School, highlighting the positive impact of independent and faith-based schools.

Source: Family Voice Australia

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