Support for Trans Athletes in Women’s Sports Is Dropping

Even though major institutions continue to push for transgender athletes competing in women’s sports, public support has fallen dramatically.  Polls are showing that as more Americans learn about transgender athletes, opposition to allowing them to compete against women is increasing. The website Boys vs Women tracks the differences between grown women and boys to show that, in most cases, adult women aren’t even fast enough or strong enough to beat high school boys in sports. The site’s main question asks, “If boys win against the fastest women, is it fair for males to compete in female-only athletic events?” On its X account, the site recently reviewed the polling on the acceptance rate for transgender “women” in sports. The polling shows that the feelings about trans athletes are hardening against the radical transgenders and that since 2016, fewer people now agree that trans athletes should be allowed to pick whatever gender category they feel like picking at any given time. The numbers have fallen from just under fifty percent in support in 2016 to less than 25 percent today. Meanwhile, the opposition went from about 30 percent opposed to transgender “women” competing as women to more than 60 percent opposing the idea today.

Source: Intercessors for America

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