Who can we Trust ? 

It is easy to wonder who we can trust about many things. We can trust God. Teachers, doctors, religious leaders, and parents have traditionally been regarded as trustworthy. But can we trust the current experts on child rearing or the politicians who put what they are told into laws? Our minds can easily be filled with knowledge on how to rear children from Face Book, social media, phones, or laptops. This can easily leave us floundering, confused or uncertain about what we really believe or who can be trusted. Current gender care practices have been created which many of us feel doubtful about. Recently Dr. Hilary Cass has produced a significant report on gender care for young people. It provided critical insights into the potential dangers of some of the gender care practices for children. We hope we can trust it. It has revealed that certain medical interventions have been based on “remarkably weak” evidence and often involving putting children on life-altering paths. A more holistic approach to gender care seems to be needed rather than rushing vulnerable young people into medical interventions which have unknown long-term effects.

A biblical view of the intrinsic value of the human body means that there needs to be much more careful discernment when addressing gender-related issues. We praise God because we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps 139:14) Young people need to mature and develop fully before decisions are made that could have irreversible consequences. There is a troubling influence of ideology on gender care, such as the affirming children’s preferred gender rather than offering them comprehensive advice and support. A more evidence-based care of children is replaced by an ideologically driven approach which poses a grave risk to the well-being of young people. There is a need for there to be brave and compassionate advocates for truth and grace to open the door for key discussions about the intersection of culture and faith, and the need to take a more thoughtful and compassionate approach to gender care for young people. We need to stand up for the dignity and well-being of the next generation.

Let’s pray:

* For a greater respect for worth and dignity of each individual young person who has been created in the image of God.

*That governments seeking to usurp the parents’ and family doctor’s role will be increasingly challenged when it comes to the sexual, moral, and ethical education of young people.

* For greater love and care to be shown to those who may be struggling with issues related to their gender identity and for more parents, doctors and others to engage them in meaningful dialogue showing them dignity, respect, and the true meaning of being human.


Radicalisation and Terrorism

Seven teenagers linked to the alleged 16-year-old Sydney church terrorist have been arrested, after more than 400 police officers executed 13 search warrants across NSW over fears of an imminent violent extremist ideology attack. The Joint Counter Terrorism Team – led by NSW Police, the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation and the NSW Crime Commission – raided homes in nine southwestern Sydney suburbs and Goulburn in a major operation. The raids, launched as ASIO director-general Mike Burgess and AFP commissioner Reece Kershaw publicly warned of a surge in counter-terrorism investigations involving minors, also targeted two men and three juveniles who are assisting police with inquiries.

Please pray:

*   That Police will be able to weed out all members of this and other terrorist cells before they are able to undertake any attacks against citizens, or infrastructure.

*   That Police will be able to find those behind the scenes who are responsible for the radicalisation of our youth, particularly those who have been brought up in hate filled environments and take appropriate action so that kind of activity is eliminated.

*   Giving thanks that finally action is being taken to address this blight on our society and to ensure action is taken against all who seek to impose their radical ideology upon society in general.


ACT Government Tramples on Basic Human Rights to Conscience

The Select Committee on the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2023 has released the majority report.  It presents 27 recommendations to the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly.  The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) is one of the 83 stakeholders who were consulted on the legislation.  The ACL firmly advocated against the availability of assisted suicide in the territory.  In addition, the ACL suggested that if the bill were to progress there should be comprehensive protection for conscientious objection, at both individual and institutional levels, throughout every stage of the Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) process.  ACL’s State Director of NSW/ACT Joshua Rowe said, “Despite the committee’s many recommendations, there is a noticeable absence of constructive comments on conscientious objection.” He also asserted, “When the health profession and society at large deviate from an ancient and historical moral code of ‘thou shalt not kill,’ it sets us on a slippery slope towards increasingly dangerous legislation.”

Please pray:

“A person of understanding delights in wisdom.” Proverbs 10:23

*   Pray for wisdom and understanding for the ACT Legislative Assembly as they consider the report of the Select Committee on the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill.  Pray that the Assembly understands and acts on the objections raised by the ACL.

*   Pray for Joshua Rowe and the ACL as they advocate against the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2023 in the ACT.

*   Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide and direct all involved and that the legislation that eventuates is just and fair.


Praying for Issues in the News

*   With the Federal Budget to be handed down in a couple of weeks’ time decisions are being made now that will affect Australia for years to come. Pray that Godly wisdom will be afforded our Treasurer and those involved in the decision-making process and that the final outcome will be in the best economic interests of the nation.

*   The issue of domestic violence is proving to be a difficult issue for Governments to address with few ideas being brought forward that have any real hope of success which has led our Federal Government back to simply throwing money at the problem and hoping it will go away. The issue of course will never be resolved until hearts of perpetrators are changed which is a spiritual issue not a behavioural one.  Pray that attempts to address the issue will be successful to the extent they can be but that those seeking to address the issue will come to realise that it is a spiritual issue and will turn to those who carry Godly wisdom so seek ways that will address the problem at its heart rather than at the visible level.


Praying for the Nation

Let us pray that we as God’s people, and our spiritual leaders, will begin to understand the consequences of failing to walk in the ways of God and take steps to turn the situation around. Deuteronomy 11:26-28, Haggai 1: 7-11

Source:  Australian Prayer Network

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