Bishop Forgives Alleged Stabber in First Message After Attack

The bishop who was stabbed during a live-streamed church service says he forgives the attacker in his first message following the incident. Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel was allegedly stabbed by a 16-year-old in a terror attack at Christ the Good Shepherd Church in Wakely last week. Emmanuel gave an online audio sermon that was streamed to the church’s website, Facebook and YouTube this week. He said he forgave the alleged stabber and anyone who may have been involved. “Love never fails… whatever has happened to me personally I thank the Lord Jesus,” Emmanuel said. “It is a huge blessing for me. I forgive whoever has done this act and I say to him, you are my son, I love you and I will always pray for you. And whoever sent you to do this, I forgive them as well, in Jesus’ mighty name. “I have nothing in my heart but love for everyone, whether this person is Christian or not, that is totally beside the point.” The bishop sent the message from Liverpool Hospital, to where he was taken after the stabbing. “I am doing fine, I am recovering very quickly,” he said.

He urged his followers not to retaliate, to abide by the law and to respect police. Father Isaac Royel was also stabbed but has been discharged from hospital. The 16-year-old who allegedly attacked the bishop and father remains under police guard at an undisclosed location, while he is being treated for injuries including cuts to his hand. A 19-year-old man was arrested at a home in Doonside earlier this week in relation to the riot that ensued in the hours after the attack.

Source: Compiled by APN from media reports

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