Hundreds Baptized in Latest Campus Revival at University of Alabama

A new sign of the ongoing revival among America’s young people is being reported out of Alabama. In the latest example of this supernatural move of God, hundreds of students at the University of Alabama gave their lives to Christ and were immediately baptized in a fountain. “It happened again!” Christian author and speaker Jennie Allen announced on Instagram after the amazing event unfolded. “Last night at the University of Alabama thousands of students gathered. Hundreds responded to the gospel and hundreds were baptized,” Allen shared. In the video, as a young woman named Macy prepares to be submerged in the fountain, she declares, “I’m just ready to be a child of God” as the crowd cheers to celebrate her new decision to follow Christ. The spiritual awakening that first captured headlines at Asbury College more than a year ago is still spreading nationwide. This Alabama awakening is just the latest move of God that Jennie Allen has witnessed as she has travelled to minister on college campuses.

In a post several weeks ago after a similar outpouring of revival at Florida State University, Allen said on Instagram, “Hundreds of students came forward to trust Jesus. We can’t explain what’s happening apart from the Spirit.” One student at FSU also pointed out that these new believers in Christ are being connected with local churches so they can continue their journey with Jesus. “Hello! I was one of the students there last night! One thing I thought was BEAUTIFUL about Unite was the emphasis on FINDING A CHURCH HOME! They had tables outside with college groups from many local churches and asked everyone to fill out information to get connected! We want these souls on fire to get plugged in,” the student explained.

Source: CBNNews

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