Israeli President Expresses ‘Joy,’ Affirms Unbreakable Bond with USA

Israeli President Isaac Herzog recently addressed a joint session of Congress, showcasing what he calls the “unbreakable bond” between Israel and the United States. It comes after the Biden administration recently appeared to be holding Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at arm’s length. Claps and cheers met Israel’s head of state on Capitol Hill in an overwhelming show of bipartisan support to affirm America’s iron-clad alliance with Israel. Herzog used his address to show the world why U.S.-Israeli relations are irreplaceable and to condemn antisemitism. “My soul is overflowing with pride and joy,” Herzog said. In tribute to Harry Truman, the first American president to recognize the modern state of Israel as an independent Jewish, Democratic state, his grandson Clifton Truman Daniel was honoured as a special guest. The address turned from fanfare to business as Herzog doubled down on preventing the Iranian nuclear program, calling any nuclear arming of the country “unacceptable.”

He also pointed to ongoing protests in Israel, calling demonstrations a necessary part of a strong democracy.  Earlier, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby also mentioned democracy while expressing concern over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans to overhaul the country’s judicial system and ongoing construction in the West Bank. “We want to see Israel be as vibrant and as viable democracy as possible,” Kirby said in a press conference. Hoping for eventual peace with Palestinian neighbours, Herzog highlighted how Israel was founded on faith and tolerance, both considered cornerstones of democracy. He also strongly condemned antisemitism, which received another round of applause. “Vilifying or attacking Jews, whether in Israel or the United States or anywhere else in the world, is antisemitism,” he said.

Source: CBNNews

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