Youth for Christ says Gen Z Are More Likely to Evangelise

The American ministry Youth for Christ (YFC) is reporting a 20% increase in the number of young people they saw turning to Christ in 2023. The report also shows exciting trends of evangelism amongst young believers. It reveals that in the US, nearly 8000 teenagers gave their life to Jesus under the ministry’s outreach last year. The ministry also claims that 25% more children were sharing their faith with their peers compared to 2022. Youth for Christ’s CEO and President, Jake Bland, has called it a “rising metric of young leaders” – saying that Generation Z seems to be much more open to discussions. “They are living out YFC’s ‘3Story way of life’ and it’s this rising metric of young leaders that has our full attention. Frankly, Generation Z seems to be much more open to discussions about faith among their peers than the generations that immediately preceded them. It’s clear that this is a strategic opportunity God is creating for ministries like YFC and our Kingdom partners.”

The report noted that compared to last year:

  • Seven percent more teens made a first-time decision for Christ.
  • Thirty-eight percent more students engaged with local churches this year.
  • Twenty-one percent more kids began sharing their faith with their friends.

“Because of God’s faithfulness, 2,907 kids became multipliers of the hope of Christ!” Bland enthused. Yet even as YFC looks back on the year of ministry, Bland notes the numbers only matter because they tell a story.

“In YFC, we aren’t celebrating numbers, scope, or scale. We celebrate how Christ is moving. These are more than numbers — every number has a name, and every name has a story. The harvest is ripe among this generation and Jesus is still calling us to pray earnestly and trust Him as Lord of the harvest, the solution for every soul, every story.” Youth For Christ, who’s first full-time staff member was Dr Billy Graham in 1944, operates in over 100 nations and has over 130 chapters that impact communities across America through over 1,200 local ministry sites.

Source: Premier Christian News

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