South Australia Reinstates Christmas Day and Anzac Day Names Into Public Holiday Calendar

The South Australian Government, led by Premier Peter Malinauskas, has listened and responded to public feedback and criticism over its Public Holiday Bill. The original Bill removed the names of Anzac Day, Australia Day, and Christmas Day, replacing them with their calendar dates. This move sparked controversy and backlash from the opposition, veterans, and the community, labelling it “political correctness gone mad.” Premier Malinauskas has now announced that the government will amend the Bill to include the names of the holidays alongside their calendar dates. The Government explained that the primary objective of the Bill was to address issues with an outdated act, focusing on making Easter Sunday and Christmas Day public holidays. Premier Malinauskas emphasised that there were no changes to the dates of Australia Day, Anzac Day, or Christmas Day. Acknowledging the concerns raised by the community, Premier Malinauskas clarified that the Government’s intention was “not to play games with holiday names.”

Source: Australian Christian Lobby

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