Desperate Plight of Gaza Christians

The plight of around one thousand Christians trapped in Gaza is getting desperate. The Palestinian believers are sheltering in two churches and nearby family homes where many are hiding in basements as the war rages around them. “Children are crying for food. Adults don’t eat. If there is food, they give it to the children. The adults are just eating crumbs. If the situation around us was good, we would go out to get things. But the situation around is bad. Lots of hard bombing. The people are really scared,” church leaders reported. The Christians have almost run out of food, water and other critical supplies with two million Muslims taking priority. They won’t ask Israel to help for fear of being branded as collaborators which is a certain death sentence. They cannot head south because Hamas and its allies will kill them. So, no one is resupplying them. Israel-based evangelical author and Editor of All Arab News and All Israel News Joel C. Rosenberg says, “this is completely unacceptable” and the international community has a moral responsibility to look after them.

Mr. Rosenberg’s own aid agency The Joshua Fund was set up “to mobilise Christians to bless Israel and her neighbours in the name of Jesus.” For weeks it has been trying to get supplies to the believers, but physical and bureaucratic roadblocks have prevented that happening. He says other Christian charities are experiencing the same resistance to their efforts. “I call on Christians around the world to pray urgently that these bureaucratic log jams would be broken immediately. The Joshua Fund is ready, willing, and able to pay for food to get to our brothers and sisters in Gaza. But no one appears willing to help us literally get the aid to the churches in Gaza City.” Mr. Rosenberg wrote. He called on Israel to allow deliveries of desperately needed supplies to reach the Christians. “No more delays. No more excuses. Israeli officials at the highest level must find an immediate way to allow international NGOs like The Joshua Fund, to get food, water, medical supplies, doctors and other aid to our brothers and sisters right now,” he asserted while adding: “Hamas wants the Christians to die. Israel must not let that happen.”

Source: Vision Christian Media

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