Son of Hamas Co-Founder Denounces Group at UN

The son of a co-founder of Hamas blasted the terror organization in a blistering half-hour speech at the United Nations. Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, defected from the terrorist group in the late ’90s and secretly worked with Israel’s security services to expose and prevent several Hamas terrorist attacks. He later gave his life to Christ and wrote a 2010 autobiography titled Son of Hamas. Yousef, 45, now endeavours to expose the true face of Hamas’ genocidal death cult. “I see lots of division and confusion, lots of hatred, lots of misinformation, and everybody speaks on behalf of the children. And on behalf of the innocent. But I am not sure about their real intention. But today I can speak on the authority of a Palestinian child, someone who grew up in that culture,” he said. “Hamas’ first crime against children in the Palestinian societies is not arming them or encouraging them to carry suicide bombing attacks – it’s the religious ideological indoctrination that I had to go through with one intention in mind to annihilate the state of Israel. This is Hamas’ primary goal,” Yousef said.

“In this truth, there is no confusion. I speak as a firsthand witness on Hamas and their intention. My father is one of the founders of Hamas movement. I was there when Hamas was born. I was before Hamas was born, and as I said before I will be there after Hamas is dead,” he said as the UN delegates applauded.  “I am not a part of propaganda. I don’t work for nobody. I only represent myself and, on this authority, I speak, so don’t be mistaken and take my words very carefully. Hamas is committing a crime against this generation and the next generations to come, so blaming Israel is not going to solve the problem,” Yousef explained. “Imagine, a 10-year-old child when I disobeyed Hamas, I was tied up to a post and I was whipped by Hamas top leader, top leader, and I don’t want to mention his name because he’s not worthy, with an electric cable. Every lash I lost my breath until I lost my consciousness. My father was in prison at that time and this leader thought that he was my mentor. This is Hamas discipline. This is how they wanted me to be… to become a violent savage like them,” he continued.

Source: Faithwire

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