The Queensland Government is fast-tracking the full decriminalisation of prostitution in the state. Recent amendments, quietly bundled into legislation, have legalised street soliciting and weakened police powers to prosecute offenses related to prostitution. The proposed full decriminalisation means:

  1. Removal of advertising restrictions: The sex industry will be free to advertise their services anywhere, including billboards, radio, TV, and buses.
  2. Access to accommodation providers: Accommodation providers can’t refuse access to sex service sellers.
  3. Local council restrictions: Local councils can’t restrict brothels when considering local planning laws.
  4. Equal treatment for home-based brothels: Home-based brothels will be treated like any other home business.

These changes could lead to brothels operating next door to homes, raising obvious concerns among Queensland residents.



The tide is starting to turn as more medical professionals, parliamentarians and mainstream media acknowledge the irreversible harms of gender transitioning inflicted on children. While it was a good beginning for the Victorian Liberal National Party, who voted in support for an inquiry last week, there’s still more work to do, as there are many voices in full support of gender ideology that seek to silence rational debate. The powerful speech of Libertarian MLC David Limbrick last week is worth noting, “I question the motives of anyone that would oppose an inquiry, because if you have concerns about this you should support the inquiry. If you think that what we are doing in Victoria is world class and top notch, you have nothing to fear from an inquiry and you have nothing to fear from this being examined and scrutinised.

Limbrick went on “What I am concerned about is that people that oppose this are trying to cover up what is going on. I have very serious concerns about what is going on. Why is it that every time that someone wants to talk about this the reaction from activists and from people in the government is to shut them up? They call them names. They say, ‘You’re a transphobe. You’re a Nazi.’ When people are trying to have very rational debate, instead of engaging in that debate the default response is to shut them up. This is unacceptable. These are important issues. You will not silence debate on this. Debate will happen with or without you. We are talking to people who have been harmed by this, and their voices deserve to be heard as well.” (Legislative Council Hansard, October 13)

Source: Australian Christian Lobby

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