Caught Between Hamas and a Hard Place: Plight of Christians in Gaza is ‘Horrific’

Amid escalating concerns about terrorism, lawmakers in Congress have proposed a bill that would prevent anyone holding a Palestinian passport from coming into the United States. Experts told The New York Post that a million refugees could be created due to the Israel-Hamas war and the “Guaranteeing Aggressors Zero Admission Act” or the GAZA Act would prevent the Biden administration from granting any visas to Palestinians. The bill would also prevent the administration from allowing Palestinians into the U.S. using the Department of Homeland Security’s parole program, according to the outlet. If the legislation advances and exceptions aren’t made, it will also prevent Palestinian Christians from entering the U.S. “Many are sheltering in place in a couple of locations there, and praying for safety,” a spokesman familiar with the situation said. He noted the situation for Christians in Gaza is horrific as “we are seeing this play out in real-time in front of us” with information being very difficult to get.

“To be completely honest, for many believers, there’s very real security issues as far as needing to keep somewhat covert as relating to their presence in those areas,” he said “It’s something we definitely need to keep lifting up in prayer because that situation is just unfolding in front of our eyes in horrific fashion.” An Open Doors USA Leader pointed out the Gaza Christians are really between a rock and a hard place. If they are too friendly to the Israelis, they could be accused by Hamas of being Israeli spies or agents. If they are too close to Hamas, the Israelis may think they are a part of Hamas. Brown agreed that prayer is essential for these Christians as they endure a very difficult situation. “I think that we as believers in the West certainly need to keep lifting them up because it’s very, very difficult to fully comprehend just the realities that they are living in, were living in prior to, and continue to live in today as these tensions just continue to escalate and spin out of control,” the Open Doors U.S.A. leader explained.

The Open Doors Leader also revealed what their organization found out in a recent study in partnership with World Relief. “Persecution has risen exponentially over the last few years,” he said. “There are over 300 million believers around the globe living in persecution, and much of that would be identified as extreme persecution.” “Meanwhile as far as the U.S. and its ability or willingness to receive Christian refugees, those numbers have continued to decline over recent years,” he noted. “When you take those two trends and put those side by side, it is a very difficult situation that many Christians find themselves in around the globe.”

Source: CBN News

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