Pray for Israel

*  Pray for the families who have already lost loved ones and for those who have been abducted.

*  Pray for active soldiers and for the reservists who have been called up as Israel prepares its response.

*  Pray for the youth of Israel, many of whom are being called into active service in the IDF.”

*  Pray that this situation will be ‘contained and restrained’, especially that Hezbollah will not join in on the conflict and start firing rockets upon the North of Israel from southern Lebanon.

*  Pray that Israeli Arabs will not continue to join in with isolated attacks on individuals, etc.

* Pray for great wisdom for the military and governmental leaders.

*  Pray protection in a special way over the most vulnerable areas close to Gaza.

*  Pray for miraculous rescues of hostages that were taken by Hamas. Especially in and around Sderot (close to the Gaza border) where some of the hostages were taken.

*  Pray that the enemy tactics will fail and become exposed.

*  Pray for the safety of Arab Christians who would not be supporting the terrorist uprising but not being able to extract themselves from the reprisals that will come from Israels defence of their nation.

Please declare Psalm 91 over the country and its people.

Source: Australian Prayer Network

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