Coco Gauff kneels in prayer after winning US Open title.

Tennis star Coco Gauff was captured in a moment of deep gratitude and reflection after securing her first major tournament victory at this year’s US Open.¬†Following her triumph, Gauff, who has openly expressed her Chrisitan faith on multiple occasions, knelt down in prayer at her chair after having rushed into the stands to embrace her family and coaches. When ESPN’s Mary Jo Fernandez asked about her faith, Gauff said: “It’s been so important…I don’t pray for results, I just ask for the strength to give it my all, and whatever happens, happens. I’m so blessed in this life. So, I’m just thankful for this moment. I don’t have any words for it, to be honest.” Her victory over Aryna Sabalenka marked her as the first American teenager to win the tournament since Serena Williams in 1999.

Reflecting on her previous straight-sets loss in the 2022 French Open final, the 19-year-old added: “That French Open loss was a heartbreak. I realized God puts you through trials. This makes this moment even sweeter than I could imagine.” It’s known that Gauff attends the Saint John Missionary Baptist Church in Florida and has previously revealed that she prays with her dad before every match. She told the New York Times in 2019: “We don’t really pray for victory, just that me and my opponent stay safe.” She also frequently shares thoughts and Bible verses about her faith on her social media accounts.

Source: Faithwire

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