How Communism Infiltrated American Classrooms

Education in America is like a ship that set sail 60 years ago on a voyage to bring this nation to a Marxist revolution. Certainly, many educators have been working toward that end, and some are happy about what they’ve accomplished as the ship nears its destination. These educators have no use for actually teaching academics, as that would not advance their cause. For Christians, the only way out of this dire situation is to engage in the spiritual warfare that is necessary to drive out these demonic forces that have taken charge. We must understand how we came to embark on this ill-fated journey if we are to pray successfully for a reversal. The radical youth of the 1960s and ’70s took to the streets and college campuses in huge numbers to engage in political mass protests. They detested and rejected capitalism and traditional American values in favour of communist revolution. Under the influence of drugs, they turned from any form of peaceful protest toward violent ones.

Hostile Marxist and communist organizations were everywhere, with names like the Weather Underground (originally, the Weathermen), the Black Panthers, and the Red Army Faction. In the two years between 1969 and 1970, they committed multiple crimes, including robbing banks, killing police officers, and setting off 4,330 bombs. To stop the chaos, then California Governor Ronald Reagan was instrumental in the FBI infiltrating these groups to find the perpetrators of these crimes, make arrests, and imprison them. The nation breathed a sigh of relief as peace returned to the college and university campuses. Our streets became calm again too. With the worst over, the nation rested. But communist revolution is a hungry monster and unless dealt with on a spiritual level, does not go away. It withdraws into the shadows, only to re-emerge at a more opportune time. A closer look at where the revolutionaries went to hide and bide will give us some insight into how we can pray.

So, where did these revolutionaries go once they abandoned their violent lifestyles? Brown University professor Paul Buhle gives the best answer in his book Marxism in the United States. Buhle writes: “To the question: ‘Where did all the sixties’ radicals go?’ the most accurate answer would be neither to religious cults nor yuppie-dom, but to the classroom.” The revolutionaries cleaned up, dressed up, and entered American classrooms in two phases: First, they entered classrooms as students — at Ivy League universities, to obtain degrees, mainly in law and social sciences, that would help them further their revolutionary aims. Second, they began entering classrooms as teachers and professors — effectively becoming change agents to teach the wonders of Marxist communism to American youth.

It was that second option that enabled those radicals to implement what Rudi Dutschke, a German sociologist and political activist, termed in 1967 “the long march through the institutions” — a play on communist revolutionary Mao Zedong’s Long March of the Red Army, during the Chinese Civil War. Modern Western radicals were now employing a new strategy for revolution — not by rioting, but by subverting capitalist society through a new status as professionals: in education, business, and civil service. And a new breed of “nonviolent” leaders, such as Herbert Marcuse (author of Critical Race Theory) and Pablo Freire (author of Pedagogy of the Oppressed), would show the way. Two of those who cleaned up, dressed up, and went to college were Bernardine Dohen and Bill Ayers, the husband and wife who had co-founded the Weather Underground. Their radical activities had resulted in multiple criminal charges, including murder.

They were never convicted however, due to a technical mishap in the processing of the evidence. After years as fugitives, the couple emerged from hiding to become university professors in Chicago. This “long march” through the universities makes it appear that the radical left has won: “The American university is now a ‘counter institution’ driven by the ideology of the New Left and the critical theories. One researcher found the ratio of liberal to conservative faculty reaching 8:1 in political science, 17:1 in history, 44:1 in sociology, 48:1 in English, and 108:0 in race and gender studies.” Today, these ostensibly “cleaned-up” radicals stand at the head of our college and K-12 classrooms, where they can control the hearts and minds of the next generation. In view of what presently confronts Christians, Rod Dreher, author of Live Not by Lies: A Manual for Christian Dissidents, urges Christians to remain true to their faith, to learn to say no to lies, and to keep declaring the truth.

Source: Intercessors for America

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