National 24 Hour Prayer Watch 32/23


The United Nations has always included the World Health Organization (WHO) who works protecting people from the spread of epidemics such as the Covid pandemic. As Covid was the first epidemic which involved the UN, strategies were needed to get nations to insist on wearing masks, close down national borders or restrict international travel. So what part did WHO play ? They set up the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, to accelerate the development of vaccinations, ensured patients got the care they needed and frontline workers got essential supplies and information; and there were treatments for those who needed them. WHO convened international expert networks, covered topics such as clinical management, infection prevention and control. They held frequent teleconferences, declared COVID-19 a global health emergency and the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic. Their vision was to promote health, to try to keep the world safe and serve the vulnerable. Even so there was a fear, by some nations that they might have to submit too much sovereignty and the control to the WHO in the event of another pandemic. WHO might then be able to force nations like Australia to lock down borders, close shopping centres, churches or schools and restrict travel. This could include restricting individual liberties or legally mandating the sharing of information to protect the lives and the well-being of everyone even beyond national borders.

In Australia we have seen how different States made unilateral decisions, closed and isolated their State, and caused people who had refused to be vaccinated to be put out of work. There are those who are saying that WHO could be seeking to gain authority over internal health decisions of member nations to ensure global health security and protect the lives and the well-being of all people beyond national boundaries. There are nations which oppose this move to further empower the WHO. If Australia did submit to WHO it could severely restrict our liberties. Once a government has given away power, it’s very hard to get it back. We are told dominion belongs to the LORD and he rules over the nations. (Ps 22;28) People are concerned that any world-dominating power would bring trouble. The United Nations is the closest approximation to a world government, as it is by far the largest and most influential international institution, but it lacks power. It is currently limited to an advisory role to foster cooperation between existing national governments, rather than exert authority over them. Jesus has told his disciples, “I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth”. (Mt 28:18)

Let’s pray:

*   That as Christians we will not neglect meeting together, but encourage one another, all the more as we see the Day approaching. ( Heb 10:25)

*    For world and national leaders to submit to God’s leadership for the sake of His will being done and for the advancement of His everlasting kingdom on earth and in Australia. For the earth to be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea (Isaiah 11:6–9)

*    For great discernment to be given to those in positions of authority to know how to care for and love those in the greatest need.


World Prayer Assembly

For the next few weeks we are under-girding in prayer the upcoming World Prayer Assembly in Perth being held from 3rd-6th October. For further information go to

Please pray:

*  For the leaders who are in authority, that they be granted Godly wisdom as they prepare and plan what is to take place at the Assembly. (1 Tim 2:1-4)

*  Pray that God would show them great and mighty things that He wants to achieve through the Assembly (Jer 33:3)

*  Asking God to grant the organising committee the ability to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church in this hour.  (Matt 6:10)


Faith Groups Push for Religious Security

Ahead of the just completed ALP national conference leading Christian groups called Labor MPs to back more protections for religious organisations in the party’s policy platform.  The Christian groups warned that the ACT government’s takeover of Calvary Hospital has set a dangerous precedent.  Bishop Michael Stead the Anglican Bishop of South Sydney and chairman of Freedom for Faith said he was concerned the draft of Labor’s policy platform “does not specifically mention the faith-based sector in our healthcare system” our “include a commitment allow a faith-based hospital to act in accordance  with its religious belief”.

The media reported that there would be a push at the ALP national conference for the Albanese government to provide free abortions throughout Australia. Pro-abortion group Emily’s List is demanding that all publicly funded hospitals provide abortion services. Dr Stead said he was concerned that the Labor platform and national debate on abortion had become unbalanced, with vulnerable women needing more support to continue with a pregnancy rather than opt for an abortion.  Presbyterian Church of Australia moderator-general Peter Barnes said this push by Emily’s Voice was a “threat to shelves of vulnerable people in our community”.  He also said, “Labor also places religiously committed medical staff in a position where they must choose between their convictions and continuing to work in an area in which they offer an important service”. He noted that Labor did not commit to ensuring that charities that held “a traditional view of marriage” would not lose their charitable status, as had occurred overseas.

Furthermore, Dr Barnes commented that the prohibition of “conversion therapy” was also of concern because it threatened the ability of churches to preach their view of marriage and risked normal pastoral care in churches for people facing a range of sexual and gender struggles.

Please pray:

“The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.” John 6:29 “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry.” John 6:35

*   Pray that all Christians, whether in the Labor Party or not, can stand against ungodly government policy and let our voices be heard and our lives demonstrate the difference that a relationship with Jesus makes.

*   Pray for Christian political leaders to emerge who do have a strong and courageous belief in and a heart-to-heart relationship with Christ.

*   Thank the Lord that in him we find freedom, light and love and that in Christ we are called and given the ability to be courageous and kind, forgiving and humble. He is the source of life and gratitude.



*  The Federal Governments plans to get to net zero appear to be floundering with many experts now calling for a fresh plan to be drawn up to avoid financial catastrophe to the nation’s finances.  Whilst there are vested interests on both sides of the debate it seems clear to the neutral observer that things are not going to plan. Please pray that wise heads would prevail in the debate and that our nation would be spared from further economic pain from the following of ideological pursuits rather than rational economic plans.

*   Ita Buttrose has revealed she will not seek reappointment as the Chair of the ABC when her current term ends in March. The ABC has come in for much criticism in recent times due to several controversies over alleged bias in news coverage and editorial comment. The ABC is an important public asset that should play a public role in the dissemination of news and information, but in recent time appears to have been taken over by staff who have aligned themselves politically and sought to use their position to further those political causes in the execution of their roles.  Let us pray for great wisdom to be given to our Federal Government who will be responsible for choosing her replacement, that they would select a person who is not a political figure but one who can keep the ABC politically neutral in the carrying out of its duties in the public domain thus restoring the image of, and confidence in, the media organisation.


This week let us pray for Bangladesh. Pray that those who attended the recent adult literacy programs will use their new skills to bless others and share the gospel with the next generation.

Source: Australian Prayer Network

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