At Least 51 Christian Converts Arrested in Iran

Iranian security services have initiated a series of arrests and detentions targeting the Christian community. At least 51 individuals remain in detention across Iran. Iran has long-been an unsafe country for Christians, with converts regularly accused of propaganda against the state which can result in a decade behind bars. However, the recent arrests suggest a new approach to Christian eradication in Iran. Kiaa Aalipour, spokesperson for an advocacy group for Iran’s Christian minority and partner to Open Doors, reports, “Police are entering family homes and seizing parents in front of their children.” Henrietta Blyth, Chief Executive of Open Doors, says: “It’s not clear what the motive is for this surge in arrests of Christians. It seems to be part of a wider crackdown on civil liberties.” Kiaa Aalipour suggests that this clampdown could be linked to the upcoming anniversary of Mahsa Amini’s death in September. “We think this may be a ‘warning shot’, telling citizens ‘Don’t try anything as the anniversary approaches because we will get tough.'”

Source: Premier Christian News

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