Emerging Prayer Initiative Reduces National Environmental Damage Bill

Climate change continues to manifest as destructive environmental events around the globe.  Two years ago, a prayer movement known as Weather Watch Australia (WWA) was formed to combat extreme weather events facing Australia.  WWA founder Samuel Hays said the prayer movement was inspired by the powerful results observed in the Hunter region of NSW, where intercessors had been praying collectively against extreme weather for a number of years. “With just a handful of intercessors from various states in Australia, we began interceding for protection against all known environmental extremes such as floods, droughts, bushfires, earthquakes, and cyclones” Samuel said. What followed has been nothing short of amazing, with many testimonies of God’s protection over Australia.

For example, our national water storage levels have climbed above 75% of total storage volume for the first time since 2012, and remained above that level since November last year, even with a forecast of drier (El Nino) conditions approaching! This truly is nature responding to God’s Word declared through his people – Praise God!” Another testimony was the protection of Port Headland and other WA communities from the recent Cyclone Ilsa, a powerful tropical cyclone that struck Western Australia in April 2023. “Even though we have no regional intercessors in WA’s north-west, a national prayer went out for its protection, after reports were received that it had reached category 5 intensity with 10-minute sustained winds estimated at 230 km/h off the coast of WA.  Cyclone Ilsa made landfall on 13 April 2023 roughly 120 km northeast of Port Headland. Inland, Ilsa weakened to a low-pressure system, with 85 km/h winds and rain, causing only limited damage.

Samuel said “I thank all the WWA intercessors for exercising their fledgling faith and authority in a remote area of Australia that we don’t have any local representation. This was a test of our corporate God-given faith, unity and authority to influence the path of this cyclone away from populated areas. Praise God!” “Another answer to prayer has been the gentle movement of our earth’s crust with a number of small earthquakes being recorded in Australia with minimal damage in the past 12 months. Praise God!”, Samuel admitted. “We are learning and growing in authority and faith God has given us, however, not every prayer has been answered yet.  For instance, we still lack intercessors in many regions of Australia, including some really vulnerable regions such as northern rivers NSW, Tasmania, and Northern Territory.  I believe we could have avoided much of the flood damage in Lismore and surrounds in 2022 if more had been engaged in this type of prayer”.

“We continue to invite participation from intercessors from all regions of Australia; Jesus demonstrated His authority over the wind and waves in Matthew 8:26 and He has given us this same authority by the power of the Holy Spirit to protect our people and this beautiful country”, Samuel said.  If you would like to be part of this national environmental prayer movement, please contact samhays776@gmail.com for more information.

Weather Watch Australia is supported by the Australian Prayer Network

Source: Weather Watch Australia

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