Satanic Temple Denied on Abortion

The Satanic Temple, which has been involved in abortion activism for years, claims that aborting unborn babies is a “ritual” and Texas pro-life laws violate its members’ religious freedom. However, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas rejected its lawsuit this week. Bloomberg Law reports the court described the lawsuit as cryptic and noted the lack of basic facts about plaintiff “Ann Doe’s” standing to sue. The Satanic Temple initially filed the lawsuit in 2021 against Texas Health and Human Services Executive Commissioner Cecile Young based on religious freedom and free speech grounds. Because Texas laws protect unborn babies at all stages of life, the group claimed its members cannot perform abortion “rituals” and therefore are at “ongoing risk of persecution because we think and act differently from majoritarian religious beliefs.”

“The Satanic Abortion Ritual is a sacrament which surrounds and includes the abortive act. It is designed to combat feelings of guilt, doubt, and shame and to empower the member to assert or reassert power and control over their own mind and body,” the group wrote in its original lawsuit. For years, the Satanic Temple has been suing to challenge pro-life laws in various states, but so far, all of its lawsuits have failed.

Source: Intercessors for America

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