More Than Ten Drag Queen Story Time Events Cancelled

At last Australians are waking up to the danger of Drag Queen Story times in libraries and schools. Many sessions are paid for by ratepayers. They involve adult male entertainers, who dress up in hypersexualized costumes and behave in ways that mock female stereotypes, reading stories about gender ideology to little children. You have to ask why? Why are these councils, schools and adult male entertainers so persistent in wanting an audience of children? There have been no protests against Drag Queens in adult bars or clubs. No one has had much of an issue with men dressed in womanface until they started demanding an audience with little children. And now many Aussies are saying no! In recent months more than 10 planned events of men reading to children in womanface have been cancelled. The media of course are painting the men as the victims of extremists they label far right. Violence or threats of violence are never acceptable.

Parents should have the right to object to men in womanface presenting stories to little children and not be labelled extremists. A drag Storytime event at Woodleigh School on the Mornington Peninsula has been cancelled. Another event which was set to take place at Eltham library in Melbourne has been moved online amid threats to staff safety. The latest decisions mean at least 10 LGBTQ+ events across Victoria have been cancelled or postponed in the past six months after being targeted by far-right groups. The deputy principal of Woodleigh School, Rod Davies, said they had been targeted by far-right groups after a Herald Sun article reported they were planning to host drag performers Frock Hudson and Dolly Diamond to celebrate International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.

“Frock Hudson had been a guest at our school last year, and they and Dolly Diamond were both invited to read storybooks curated by our teaching staff at our junior campuses this year,” Davies said. “As has been the case with a number of similar events, a systematic and targeted response by right-wing fringe groups led to the involvement of Victoria police, who advised that we should cancel the events to avoid any public altercation or disruption, which were among the actions threatened by those opposed to Storytime.” There’s no reporting on the fact these same men have appalling sexualized images all over their public Facebook pages that children can view once being exposed to the hypersexualized caricatures of women they present.

Source: Binary

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