Women Speak Out to Protect Women’s Rights

Recently 9 courageous women shared accounts of being penalised for speaking about the reality of being women in a world captivated by gender ideology. The Jubilee Room in NSW Parliament House was standing room only. Representatives from Labor, Liberal, One Nation, and Shooters and Fishers joined in as the Hon. John Ruddick from the Liberal Democrats hosted the event. The Greens and Nationals failed to show. It wasn’t a left or right wing gathering, as all sides of politics were represented. Associate Professor Holly Lawford-Smith is an academic and left-wing feminist who spoke up about being penalised professionally. Moira Deeming is a Christian politician from the right of politics who was expelled from the parliamentary Liberal Party for her views. Dr Jillian Spencer is a senior psychiatrist at the Queensland Children’s Hospital who has been stood down for questioning affirmation-only pathways for children. All have been penalised for being women.

Greg Donnelly, Labor MLC, said listening to the testimonies of the women was “chilling” and everyone in Parliament should have been there to hear and learn. It was an empowering and encouraging event. Women were allowed to speak about the very real crisis they all currently face as lies and deceptions harm children, rob women of sex-based rights and undermine parental knowledge and consent. Predictably, the media refused to focus on these facts. Instead, they gave a lot of airtime to four noisy protestors who screamed over the top of each other for a very short time before being escorted out of the venue by a trans-identified person who was there to listen and support the women. No-one could understand what they were screeching about. These four young people were there to disrupt, not listen. They proved the women’s point perfectly: trans activists don’t want women to speak about sex because it exposes their agenda.

They think it is better to try and silence women rather than let them speak. There is no chance they will engage respectfully because they have no legitimate argument for wanting to colonise women’s spaces and services. No one wants to deny trans identified people their own spaces and services, but that is not what they want. They want women’s spaces, and they go to extreme lengths to impose their desire to colonise women’s spaces and services. They tried to silence the women, but they failed. Big time. All the women spoke and will continue to speak. Their resolve is greater than ever. They will also continue to speak around the nation with more dates coming soon. In the meantime by-pass the media’s predictable narrative and listen to the real life experience of women being penalised for speaking out.

Source: Binary

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