National 24 Hour Prayer Watch 17/23

The Whole Truth?

When Pilate asked Jesus “What is truth? “he was asking the One who came to testify to the truth (Jn18:37-38). We all need to ask this question. In law courts we must tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. When we vote on a referendum about the Voice in about 6 months, we need to know the whole truth about why we should vote Yes or No. The Prime Minister tells us that the Voice is only a “modest change” to the Constitution, with the parliament retaining primacy over how the Voice operates. Is he telling the whole truth? Could there be any transfer of power from parliament and government to representatives from Aboriginal & Torres Straight Islanders (ATSI) that allows them to challenge the parliament and the executive government? Should we think of the Voice as a type of lobby group which focuses on laws and policies that relate to ATSI people? Will the Australian Crown be able to maintain sole sovereignty? Could the Voice bring about changes to the laws and policies which negatively affect the rest of us? Do we really want to be one nation under God?

Are there things which are hidden that need to be revealed before the vote ?  We need to seek God’s face for the outcome, listen to Him with silent adoration, enjoy His presence and thank Him. He loves our nation more than we do.  So, let’s not be fearful and see potential battle lines being drawn which could deeply divide out nation and forget that the battle is the Lord’s, (1 Sam 17:47) But our task will not so much be to find the truth but to find the author of truth, God. Jesus said to those who had believed Him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. (Jn 8:31-32) A life of faith is often lived without having many answers or mysteries cleared up. Sometimes we simply don’t know what is happening or why it is happening. We then discover that faith is more than knowledge. The truth is that our God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think. (Eph 3:20)

Let’s pray:

* That there is nothing hidden which will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed which will not become known or brought out into the open. (Luke 8:17)

* For a deep blessing on all the ATSI people of this nation being thankful for the way they have developed and maintained the land of Australia. Let’s honour them and value their initial and continuing contribution to our nation.

*For Australians to want to become totally informed about what they are voting for in the referendum on the Voice


Praying for the Lost

As we look at the world around us it is easy to see that millions do not yet know the love of God and the grace of Jesus. Millions allowed the season of Easter unaware of the precipice upon which their souls teeter. The joy of Resurrection Sunday was tinged with sadness for the many whose eyes are blinded to the horror of sin and its effects.

Let us pray:

*     For the many who have never had the opportunity to hear the Gospel presented in a way they can clearly understand and be challenged.

*     For those who have heard the Gospel but have rejected it. Pray they will be given another chance to respond and that the second time they will choose life rather than death.

*     For those in the valley of decision that they too will choose life rather than death and give their life to the One who gave His life for them.


The Cashless Debit Card

The mayors of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Leonora, Coolgardie and Laverton in West Australia’s remote Goldfields region have said that abolition of the cashless debit card (CDC) was a retrograde step. It has led to a surge in violence, child neglect and dysfunction and has done nothing to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty, unemployment and substance addiction suffered by many residents. The presidents of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Shire and Laverton Shire have said the move had been a ’negative’ and was luring transient people from the lands who come into the towns ‘loaded up with cash’ which they spend on alcohol. This leads to fights and violence. The culture is getting back to what it was before they had the cashless debit card. The presidents invite Social Services Minister Amanda Rishworth, and any other ministers involved in the decision to scrap the card, to come and live in regional and remote Australia for a few weeks to witness the impact of their decision.

96 per cent of those who were on the CDC in South Australia, Queensland and WA have dumped income management altogether since the card was axed. There is doubt that the government’s replacement income management card, the SmartCard, which quarantines up to 50 per cent of recipients’ benefits, would work because it will be voluntary. Liberal MP Rick Wilson, whose electorate covers the Goldfields, urged Mr Albanese to engage with community leaders, including shire presidents and elders.  “The situation’s deteriorating quite badly,” he said.

Please pray:

“Be strong.  Take courage.  Don’t be intimidated.  Don’t give them a second thought because God, your God, is striding ahead of you.  He’s right there with you.” Deut. 31:6 MSG

*   Pray that the Albanese government will reinstate the Cashless Debit Card or a system that improves upon it.  Pray that those within the government who see the plight of Aboriginal communities and non-Aboriginal communities will have the courage and strength to speak out.

*  Pray and give thanks for the mayors, community leaders and elders who are bravely trying to cope with the upheavals in their communities exacerbated by the demise of the CDC.  Pray that their voices are heard.

*  Ask the Lord to intervene. Pray that many will have a revelation that their God does indeed stride ahead of them, that He is indeed right there with them. Ask Him to pour out His Spirit on Australia.


Pray for Issues in the News

*   The Northern Territory Government appears to be under intense pressure with the Police Commissioner and now the Children’s Commissioner in conflict with the Government, and community leaders and business leaders in both Darwin and Alice Springs also pleading with Government for assistance in overcoming social issues afflicting both cities. Their pleas appear to be in vein with the Government seemingly unable or unwilling to respond.  Please pray for a breakthrough in all matters requiring the attention and action of the NT Government so that outstanding legal action can be brought to a head and the violence afflicting communities across the NT can also be resolved for the benefit of all concerned.

*   Inflation figures are remaining stubbornly high with the result that cost of living pressures are unlikely to ease in the short to medium term. The Government faces a difficult budget with many demands upon our limited economic resources making it difficult to give relief to households struggling to make ends meet. Please pray for wisdom to be given to the Federal Treasurer and those in decision making positions within the Government as they prepare the budget and pray also for those who may be hoping for Government support in the budget but may be denied and left in a very difficult position.

Praying for Others

This week let us pray for Sri Lanka. Christians are yearning for opportunities to gather, worship, and share the gospel together. Pray that God will open doors for them to do so safely.

Source: Australian Prayer Network

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