Christians Rounded up and ‘Exterminated’ in North Korea

Christians in North Korea are being sent to labour camps, according to Open Doors. There has been a rise in incidents of persecution against Christians across the last year. Being part of an underground church could be a death sentence for many living under Kim Jong-un; in one incident, believers were rounded up and executed after their church was discovered. It’s believed nine such incidents have occurred across the last year, but the number of victims is impossible to ascertain. North Korea continues to top the Open Doors World Watch List as the most dangerous place to be a Christian. According to data, there is approximately 400,000 Christians in the country, making up less than 2% of the North Korean population. The charity says those that try to defect are at risk of forced repatriation and interrogation, the result of which often results in sexual assault for many women and girls.

Source: Premier Christian News

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