National Leaders Give Easter Messages

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has wished the nation a “safe, happy and holy” Easter, describing the occasion as a celebration of “faith, hope and renewal”. The Prime Minister said the variety of different services, vigils and ceremonies being celebrated across the nation was a testament to its diversity. “For many, Easter Sunday is a holy day marking the resurrection – a celebration of faith, hope and renewal,” Mr Albanese said in his Easter message. “The variety of services, vigils and ceremonies across the Easter period speaks for our nation‘s diversity.” Mr Albanese also thanked those who are working across the public holidays who made it “possible for us to enjoy the long weekend”. “Of course, it‘s only possible for us to enjoy the long weekend because of the efforts of those Australians who are working through these public holidays,” he said. “Thank you for your contribution to our nation.” Mr Albanese has also urged Australians enjoying the holiday to take care on the roads during such a busy time for travel. Mr Albanese has confirmed he is taking a week off to have “a bit of a rest” following an eventful week in politics, which saw Peter Dutton announce that he will be campaigning against the referendum to enshrine an Indigenous voice to parliament.

The Opposition Leader has also paused to wish the nation a “happy Easter”, saying the messages of the Christian festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus had “meaning for all of us”. “For Christians everywhere, this is a time to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice made by Jesus Christ – and the profound impact his teachings continue to have on our lives,” he said in his Easter message. “Of course, Easter is also a time for family, for chocolate eggs and for visits from the Easter bunny. “As we enjoy these great traditions together, let us remember the true meaning of Easter and the message of hope and renewal that it brings. Mr Dutton said Easter was an opportunity for families to come together to celebrate the “values that make our nation great”. “The messages of Easter – atonement, forgiveness, love, and hope – have meaning for all of us,” he said. “I wish you a very happy and safe Easter holiday filled with love from your family and those closest to you, as we come together to celebrate the values that make our nation great.”

Source: Vision Media


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